INDAC Ltd is a design and manufacturing company based in Blenheim, New Zealand. Our core competency is the design and manufacture of plastic products - both injection and rotational moulded and our design teams have many years experience in both sections of the plastics industry.

INDAC has developed an extensive range of products for the Aquaculture, Horticulture, Viticulture, Marine, Food Processing, Water Storage, Transportation & Signage industries. All our products have been designed in conjunction with industry experts. We also contract mould a wide variety of products including playground equipment, tap handles, irrigation fittings, marina equipment and retail products.

INDAC operates a full suite of CAD tools which allows us to manage all aspects of the design process from initial concept through to finished design. Our internet based technology allows us to provide our clients with 3D animations of any product we design. By collaborating in this way our design process is extremely cost effective, simple & allows for real-time updates to be made and viewed extremely quickly. We can now work with customers from all over the world to develop and produce specialist innovative products.

INDAC's design team has a combined total of more than 75 years experience, and our policy of recruiting only the most skilled staff allows us to balance innovative ideas with experience and reliabilty.

TEL: +64-3-578-3034 FAX: +64-3-578-2032 EMAIL:

Indac makes and supplies:
lastic bins, vented bins, storage bins, pallet bins, crates, picking bins, pallets, toolboxes, ute boxes, instrument boxes, transfer boxes, water tanks, boat tanks, caravan tanks, conical tanks, mussel floats, marker floats, surface floats, light buoys, lane markers, oyster trays, salmon feeders, post caps, net reels, clips, trellis clips, possum feeders, bait stations, wheel bins, spinweld fittings, friction weld fittings, threaded fittings, wallace seals, supavents,bungs, pavement signs, verge boards, footpath signs, poster display, carrera signs, hsl signs, sk8 signs.

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