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indac about generalThe design team at INDAC draws experience from a wide range of industries and learning areas.

Primary on our work ethic is the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the use of plastics in all areas of industry.

Indac NZ really does express the "Kiwi" ingenuity and "can-do" attitude that defines our small but significant industry!


design mike avatarMIKE

Chairman of the Board and head of the design team is Michael Hitchins. With a passion for problem solving and the ability to think up the previously unthinkable, he is the leader of the band and the company’s founding father.

Mike has an amazing ability to see things in three dimensions and in working fashion from just a 2D drawing.....he also has a passion for what we like to call "Bucket Chemistry" - this keeps him occupied and brings about the most unexpected developments!

design daniel avatarDANIEL

Daniel Silver Moonlight - like his name will often shoot for the stars, occasionally leaving orbit completely! With previous work in a Nuclear power plant, as well as a background in harp making and electronics, he has a very keen physics brain. Daniel can refine processes, find data and gets results. He is also fluent in the language of our CNC machine, which has been known to talk complete gibberish at times!!!

design marcus avatarMARCUS

Marcus is an import to our shores that we are lucky to have; he can take a 2 dimensional rough pen sketch and turn it into a 3 dimensional reality!

A skilled draftsman, Marcus irons out all the finer design details, but his wife irons his shirts!

design eric avatarERIC & LINDSAY

Eric and Lindsay are both very gifted craftsmen.

Eric, who has worked in the aeronautic industry, is a most skilled tool maker. Eric has an unsurpassed ability to make the most delicate and complex of moulds.....and they Work! His skill enables the injection moulding production of some of New Zealand's most clever products, such as our world famous Spinwelds.

Lindsay has the eye of a photographic artist and that, combined with his crafting ability and well developed skills, allows him to take the drawings from Marcus and turn them into working moulds. Carefully folded, cut and welded, to give our rotationally moulded products an almost seamless look.