indac products Wallace seals 2 smallINDAC NZ (established in 1980 and based in Blenheim, Marlborough at the top of the South Island in New Zealand) is a leading manufacturer of durable industrial grade plastic products.

Multi-platform moulding systems and a unique skill set enable us to see projects from many different viewpoints, allowing development of a well thought out working solution.

Indac Factory (C) Warren Burmaz 6We have an Innovative design and construction team all working in their specialised areas to bring together many leading products and firsts in their field - from the first smooth shell mussel float and live mussel display units to the first compact and portable rotational moulding machines.

We have developed insulated fish bins for the NZ market and many specialised pieces of equipment for the salmon farming industry; we have over the years also become a leading designer and supplier of footpath signage products.

Indac Factory (C) Warren Burmaz 2The majority of our designs and developments are direct requests from industry and individuals to solve particular problems.

We love the challenge of designing and constructing cutting-edge products for scientific institutions and companies.