The China Experience

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China - a land of contradiction

This article was originally published on LinkedIn in October 2016. You can read the original here.

January 2016: China: Culture shock, I'm an alien on my own planet. I have arrived in China.

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Blenheim Hottubs to be Exported to Scandinavia

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Hot tubLooking back through the archives, we came across this article about INDAC hot-tubs!

Even though it is now 9 years after this article was published, the story still holds true.

Everyone wants to relax and enjoy their environment - today is as much of a challenge as 2008.

You can read the full article here.



Indac Fish Bins Take a Beating!

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indac ft680 fish bin grey river mouth thumbWe came across this (roughly 6 year-old) Facebook video from Monty Cowan.

To quote Monty: "Eat ya heart out crab boats from the bearing sea, here's a couple of Kiwi Fishermen bringing home a shipload of fish for Brekkie!"

Hint: Click on the image to the left to watch in YouTube

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Farmlands Horticultural Guide

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farmlands horticultural guideINDAC products were featured in the September 2016 copy of the Farmlands Horicultural Product Guide.

The cover photo featured the INDAC Vine Post Netting Cap, a product which allows vineyard owners to easily distribute bird netting in the vineyard without the hassles of entanglement and ripping.

You can read the full article here.


The Indac PAUA Knife

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We recently came across a couple of videos that show the revolutionary Indac PAUA knife "in the wild".

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NZ Aquaculture Magazine

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nzaquaculturejanfeb2006A feature article on INDAC products was published in the January/February 2005 issue of NZ Aquaculture Magazine.

The FT680 Insulated Bin is an Industry Standard within the New Zealand market.

You can read the full article here.


Injection Moulding 101

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A brief animated explanation of the injection moulding process.

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Indac to the Rescue

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portaloo indacINDAC was featured in the Christchurch Press after the 2011 Canterbury Earthquake.

INDAC had designed a portable toilet as an alternative for Christchurch residents who still need a spade for when nature calls.

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Rotational Moulding 101

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A brief animated explanation of the rotational moulding process.

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Photos from the Archives

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A look at some of the photos in the INDAC Archives, featuring the innovative solutions created by our design team.

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The Indac Spinweld System

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A photo slideshow of the spin weld process using the Indac Spinweld system.

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