Tanks for the Memories

tank hutRXPlastics and Indac

Keeping part of the INDAC history alive is RX Plastics they are now one the country’s top manufacturers of Large water tanks.

INDAC started out many years ago building moulds for large water tanks we started with the ??/ltr and then expanded to ??? and ???

Helping Auckland through their water crisis of 19?? . Indac then decided to sell the moulds to RX and let them continue what we had started.

Because we have been in the tank game so long every now and then we get to hear about some tanks that have been replaced or have suffered some damage along the way and we go out and repair what we can. It was one such tank that recently came to light that was unfortunately damaged in the November Kaikoura Earthquake. The tank was replaced and ended up being purchased by my self I have plans for this tank… and it was not for storing water.

I recently saw an article about the NZ alpine club using a 2500 ltr tank as a ski hut… well funny as my tank is going to be a hut of sorts too…. I think its great when we can think out side the BOX so to speak and look beyond what is ….to what can be!

Who gets the use of my tank hut ? well that is up for debate…me, I would love to use it as a hide away, a quiet place to get away from the Kids and the hustle and bustle of a full on family life, to be able to pop my feet up and drink my cup of tea in peace.  The kids however have other ideas…from a boys club house where no girls are aloud, to a girls art room where they can paint and create to their hearts content. Or it has even been suggested it could become a bed room for the crammed in teenager! I think my partner has his eye on it to… a Man cave design of some description is probably going through his head. I guess the uses for things when we do look out side the box are limitless!!