It started with a bucket. The Indac 20 Litre heavy duty long life Bucket has been manufactured as a cost effective alternative to a stainless steel bucket. It is ideal for the rigours of life on farm, viticulture, and horticulture use.

Working in conjunction with the Aquaculture industry, INDAC has developed a range of Conical Tanks - from 115 litre to 1700 litre capacity. INDAC's conical tanks are rotational moulded from UV resistant medium density polyethylene suitable for New Zealand conditions. Sturdy and more durable than equivalent injection moulded alternatives.


It all started with Mussel Floats in 1980. They were being smuggled across Cook Strait by fishing boats to keep the fledgling mussel industry going. Rail had the monopoly on freight and was charging an ‘arm and a leg’. We built a machine, some moulds, and went into production.

The Indac 26 Litre Stack and Nest Bin is sometimes referred to as the Harvesting Bin. It is more durable than the equivalent injection moulded alternatives. 

The INDAC Heavy Duty Buckets have been tested for the harshest conditions experienced in New Zealand. View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tbrochure (PDF).


There are so many reasons why plastic storage options from INDAC cannot be beaten. They are tough, durable, light-weight and super-strong.

These ultra-tough, sturdy utility boxes are built to take the knocks and keep coming back for more….ideal for demanding work environments.

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tbrochure (PDF).


Today plastics are found in practically every single product imaginable. The common misconception is that when plastic is damaged, cracked, broken,or missing pieces, it's garbage. This couldn't be further from the truth. More than ever people now know that glues and epoxies don't really work and are a temporary solution at best.

INDAC Manufactures a range of industrial and worksite boxes, including:

  • Site & Safety box
  • Document box
  • Emergency box

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tbrochure (PDF).

After consultation with our customers, and with the tank manufacturer and plumber in mind, Indac has designed a unique ‘quick fit’ system for inserting spinweld fittings into tanks.


Supavent is a one-way vent that fits into venting holes in moulds. It replaces the need for other materials usually inserted in these holes and gives better, more consistent results.


Smartvent is a partial one-way vent that fits into venting holes in moulds. Removing the need for other materials formerly used in these holes, Smartvent speeds the sintering process by reducing porosity, improving surface finish and potentially reducing cycle times.


Used solo, Supavent and Smartvent have been providing the rotational moulding industry with improved pressure regulation and passive pressurisation of moulds. Technovent provides a simple method of attaching low pressure compressed air lines to moulds, allowing moulders to control and effectively mounts thermocuple probes, giving far more accurate internal temperatue measurements.

The introduction of overhead vine stripping requires the installation of a secure retaining system for the top wire. The VSR (Vine Stripper Retainer) button has been developed to give the holding power to resist the 160kg plus pull exerted by the mechanical strippers.

Working closely with viticulture experts, INDAC's range of winery accessories create an efficient and productive workplace for years to come.

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tbrochure (PDF).


Being based in Marlborough, it would be pretty difficult for INDAC to not be involved in the Wine & Viticulture industries.

It all started when one of the largest wineries in the region started using INDAC fish bins to hand-pick grapes into.

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tVineyard brochure (PDF).

The Indac Net Reel has been developed to assist with the retrieval, storage, and application of bird netting in vineyards. It is suitable for side row, over row, and multi row netting.

With the growth in the introduction of mechanical stripping and the drive to minimise vineyard expenditure the ECONO clip has been developed by INDAC working alongside vineyard 
managers and drivers of stripping machines.

The Indac Post Cap has been developed to prevent netting from being snagged on wooden posts in the vineyard. It is ideal for either single or multi row netting.

INDAC’s Ullage float is used to fill the void that occurs when wine is transported in a tanker; they push the fluid levels up creating less slack in the tank which stabilises the tanker, and lessens the chance of oxidation. Such a simple solution to a complex problem.

The Indac Wallace Seal has been specially designed to make the fitting of overflow pipes and down pipes to polyethylene tanks simple and reliable.

View/download the latest brochurebrochure (PDF).

For many years INDAC has been involved in Waste Management and Pest Control - from wheelie bins to bait stations, INDAC has a utility product for most needs.

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tWheelie Bin brochure (PDF).


INDAC provide a full range of standard- and speciality-sized water tanks and water-storage options.

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tRV Water Tank brochure (PDF).