Working in conjunction with the Aquaculture industry, INDAC has developed a range of Conical Tanks - from 115 litre to 1700 litre capacity. INDAC's conical tanks are rotational moulded from UV resistant medium density polyethylene suitable for New Zealand conditions. Sturdy and more durable than equivalent injection moulded alternatives.

These ultra-tough, sturdy utility boxes are built to take the knocks and keep coming back for more….ideal for demanding work environments.

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INDAC Manufactures a range of industrial and worksite boxes, including:

  • Site & Safety box
  • Document box
  • Emergency box

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The introduction of overhead vine stripping requires the installation of a secure retaining system for the top wire. The VSR (Vine Stripper Retainer) button has been developed to give the holding power to resist the 160kg plus pull exerted by the mechanical strippers.

Working closely with viticulture experts, INDAC's range of winery accessories create an efficient and productive workplace for years to come.

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The Indac Wallace Seal has been specially designed to make the fitting of overflow pipes and down pipes to polyethylene tanks simple and reliable.

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For many years INDAC has been involved in Waste Management and Pest Control - from wheelie bins to bait stations, INDAC has a utility product for most needs.

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