Products for:

  • Waste disposal
  • Protective bin lids
  • Bait stations


The INDAC Wheel a Bin has been designed primarily for the transportation of solid and semi liquid products. They are manufactured using the rotational moulding method as opposed to injection moulding. The material used is a medium density Polyethylene which has very good impact resistance properties and a UV additive specifically formulated for Australasian environments and will not fade or become brittle if left in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


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  • Top 600mm long x 680 mm wide Bottom 420mm long x 420 mm wide High 1080mm Capacity 240 Litres


  • With stain steel fittings to stop corrosion Heavy Duty
  • Available in Black or a range of Colours


Click here brochure 75x60 tto view/download the 3D model (PDF)


The Indac 20 Litre heavy duty polyethylene plastic Bucket Toilet has been developed as a cost effective, eco friendly, personal toilet system for use in emergencies, whilst camping, or when an alternative to normal toilet facilities is required. The Bucket Toilet is easy to clean, or simply line the bucket with a disposable plastic bag. The unit can be used as a toilet, can hold up to 20 litres of water or other materials. The lid can also function on other containers if required.

  • 312mm high 378mm top diameter 270mm bottom diameter
  • A free standing bucket with separate toilet seat and lid 1.3 kg empty weight
  • Colours available: Black, Blue, Green, Red & Yellow



The Indac Bait Station is rotational moulded from UV resistant polyethylene. It is a sturdy self -feeding container that will hold sufficient attractant or poison for up to 10 possums or other pests per night. The Bait Station has been designed to be attached to a tree or fence in a quick release format allowing for multiple poison times to be established. Research shows that with correct placement, up to 80% of possums in feeder range can be attracted. The Bait Station lets the possums come to you for long term eradication programmes.

  • Length 500mm
  • Rounded lid to minimise chewing Bayonet ‘sure lock” lid Offset top to prevent lid jamming on trees and posts Tapered galvanised metal bracket available (drilled for nailing)
  • Large capacity capable of holding 1 kg of feed
  • Suitable for cyanide and 1080 pellets
  • Available in Black, Natural or Orange colours



View/download the brochure 75x60 t3D Model (PDF).

Waste Management & Pest Control