Water Storage & Water Tanks

Water Storage & Water Tanks


INDAC provide a full range of standard- and speciality-sized water tanks and water-storage options.

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indac products water small tanksWATER TANKS

INDAC NZ is proud to supply the RX Plastics series of Water & Storage tanks; the 500 litre to 7500 litre water tanks by RX Plastic are held in stock and all other tanks are available upon request.

Easy to install to any industrial, agricultural or domestic application. The advantages of these tanks are:

  • Manhole for easy inspection
  • Easy to fit outlets and valves
  • All tanks are supplied with a clip-on lid.
  • 20 year warranty.

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indac products water small tanksSPECIALTY PLASTIC WATER TANKS

These tanks are moulded in food approved . Black or natural medium density polyethylene The tanks are rotationally moulded which avoids the problems of
welding the plastic together to produce the tank.
The advantaged of this are as follows:

  • There are no messy or leaking welded joints on the product.

  • A professional rotational moulded seamless finish.

  • Comprehensive range of tanks in various shapes and sizes.
  • Threaded Spinweld fittings can be supplied.


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