The Indac 26 Litre Stack and Nest Bin is sometimes referred to as the Harvesting Bin. It is more durable than the equivalent injection moulded alternatives. 

The INDAC Heavy Duty Buckets have been tested for the harshest conditions experienced in New Zealand. View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tbrochure (PDF).


There are so many reasons why plastic storage options from INDAC cannot be beaten. They are tough, durable, light-weight and super-strong.

The introduction of overhead vine stripping requires the installation of a secure retaining system for the top wire. The VSR (Vine Stripper Retainer) button has been developed to give the holding power to resist the 160kg plus pull exerted by the mechanical strippers.

Working closely with viticulture experts, INDAC's range of winery accessories create an efficient and productive workplace for years to come.

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tbrochure (PDF).


Being based in Marlborough, it would be pretty difficult for INDAC to not be involved in the Wine & Viticulture industries.

It all started when one of the largest wineries in the region started using INDAC fish bins to hand-pick grapes into.

View/download the latest brochure 75x60 tVineyard brochure (PDF).

The Indac Net Reel has been developed to assist with the retrieval, storage, and application of bird netting in vineyards. It is suitable for side row, over row, and multi row netting.

With the growth in the introduction of mechanical stripping and the drive to minimise vineyard expenditure the ECONO clip has been developed by INDAC working alongside vineyard 
managers and drivers of stripping machines.

The Indac Post Cap has been developed to prevent netting from being snagged on wooden posts in the vineyard. It is ideal for either single or multi row netting.

INDAC’s Ullage float is used to fill the void that occurs when wine is transported in a tanker; they push the fluid levels up creating less slack in the tank which stabilises the tanker, and lessens the chance of oxidation. Such a simple solution to a complex problem.